What does Cancer, esophagus mean?

Cancer, esophagus meaning in Medical Dictionary

A malignant tumefaction of the esophagus. The possibility of cancer associated with esophagus is increased by long-lasting discomfort of this esophagus, such as for example from smoking, hefty liquor intake, and Barrett esophagitis. Very small tumors into the esophagus will not cause signs. As a tumor develops, the most typical symptom is trouble in ingesting. There might be a sense of fullness, stress, or burning up as meals passes along the esophagus. Disease for the esophagus may also trigger indigestion, acid reflux, vomiting, and frequent choking on food. As a result of these problems, weight loss is typical. Esophageal cancer is diagnosed through a barium X-ray study of esophagus and endoscopy and biopsy regarding the tumor. Treatment includes chemotherapy and often surgery.