What does Cancer mean?

Cancer meaning in General Dictionary

A genus of decapod Crustacea including some of the most common coast crabs of Europe and North America because the rock crab Jonah crab etc See Crab

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  • any malignant growth or cyst brought on by unusual and out of control cell unit; it may distribute to many other body parts through systema lymphaticum or the system
  • (astrology) someone who is born whilst the sun is within Cancer
  • a small zodiacal constellation inside north hemisphere; between Leo and Gemini
  • the fourth astrological sign; the sunlight is in this indication from about Summer 21 to July 22
  • type genus of family members Cancridae
  • A genus of decapod Crustacea, including some of the most common shore crabs of Europe and united states, because the stone crab, Jonah crab, etc. See Crab.
  • The 4th of this twelve astrological signs. The first point is the northern limit of the sun's program during the summer; therefore, the sign of summer time solstice. See Tropic.
  • A northern constellation between Gemini and Leo.
  • previously, any cancerous growth, esp. one went to with great pain and ulceration, with cachexia and progressive emaciation. It had been so named, possibly, from the great veins which surround it, compared because of the ancients towards the claws of a crab. The definition of is currently restricted to these types of a rise consists of aggregations of epithelial cells, either without assistance or embedded inside meshes of a trabecular framework.

Cancer meaning in Medical Dictionary

An abnormal growth of cells which will proliferate in an uncontrolled way and, in many cases, to metastasize (spread).

Cancer meaning in Law Dictionary

The disease caused by an uncontrolled unit of abnormal cells in an integral part of the body.

Cancer meaning in Etymology Dictionary

Old English disease "distributing aching, disease" (additionally canceradl), from Latin disease "a crab," later, "malignant tumor," from Greek karkinos, which, such as the Modern English term, has actually three meanings: crab, tumefaction, and also the zodiac constellation (late Old English), from PIE root *qarq- "become tough" (just like the shell of a crab); cognates: Sanskrit karkatah "crab," karkarah "hard;" as well as perhaps cognate with PIE root *qar-tu- "hard, powerful," way to obtain English difficult. Greek doctors Hippocrates and Galen, amongst others, noted similarity of crabs to some tumors with enlarged veins. Indicating "person born underneath the zodiac sign of Cancer" is from 1894. The sun's rays becoming in Cancer at summertime solstice, the constellation had connection in Latin writers because of the south with summer heat. Cancer stick "smoking" is from 1959.

Cancer meaning in Symbols Dictionary

Cancer is an astrological sign, which will be associated with the constellation Cancer. It covers the 90-120th degree of the zodiac, between 90 and 125.25 amount of celestial longitude, that the Sun transits this area typically between Summer 22 to July 22 annually.

Cancer - Spanish to English

cancer tumors

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  • cervical cancer tumors
  • cancer of the breast
  • lung cancer

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cancer of the breast

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  • Cancer
  • cancer tumors

Cancer meaning in Sexual Dictionary

some of numerous problems described as the uncontrolled cell division that often occupy surrounding tissue and metastasize to new human anatomy web sites because a build up of anomalies within a cell. These anomalies can be congenital or obtained after birth through environmental factors. Typical tissue is growth-limited, in other words., mobile reproduction is equal to mobile demise. Feedback controls limit mobile division after a particular amount of cells are suffering from, allowing for muscle repair not development. Cyst cells tend to be less responsive to these restraints and will proliferate to the point in which they disrupt structure architecture, distort the movement of nutrients, and usually do harm. Cancer malignancy are named for the type of cellular which makes within the cancer tumors (lymphoma - a disease originating in lymphatic tissue, sarcoma - a cancer originating in the connective tissue of bone or muscle mass, carcinomas - a disease originating in skin, digestive tract or glands, etc.) or perhaps the organ for which they begin (breast disease, cervical cancer, cancer of the skin, bone tissue cancer tumors, etc).

Sentence Examples with the word Cancer

A clear understanding of how fiber might protect against colon cancer risk remains somewhat elusive.

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