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contrary to everyday opinion, Canby is certainly not a hick town, that is at the least for more youthful years. The elderly are racist and former-hippies.Canby cops are genuine cocks. There are a great number of pot minds, and each skater brags in regards to the semi-new skate playground.Canby just wasted 3 million bucks on redoing down town but no one goes truth be told there anyways, because there is nothing to do in canby, except whenever its the fair.The mexican population has actually exploded recently, and you will find 2 primary gangs (Norteños and also the Sureños.)Canby has the globes largest dahlia farm, but no body just who life truth be told there actually provides a shit. The actual only real various other notable tourist attractions would be the new cinema, and the Canby Ferry. Should you want to move somewhere that is enjoyable, never started to Canby.There tend to be 13 categories of individuals at CHS, Mexicans, Russians, Nerds, Dumbasses, Jocks, Skaters, Sluts, attention whores, regular kids (kids that play 1-3 recreations are considered is normal children) Band kids (Marching musical organization dose perhaps not count as an activity although the band young ones gets really pissed off if you let them know that) together with swag fags. tiny hick city beyond portland. recognized for it really is beaner gangs and cooking pot heads. A little hicktown, 25 kilometers south of Portland, otherwise. Recognized for it is corrupt Roided up bicycle Cops and residents' spectacular ignorance towards any battle apart from Aryan.Est. Populace 15,140.13,387 Becoming Caucasian. a city with more youthful people that are packed with on their own and want to believe their particular crisis may be the center associated with earth. Great deal's Mexicans and Russian Orthodox. It amazingly features a school. The seniors are usually redneck hippies.