What does Canadian Patriotism mean?

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Canadian Patriotism is a particular style of Patriotism that focuses exclusively on two things:1. Being Not-Americans. (becoming Not-British was also when an integral part of becoming Canadian, but has actually since faded throughout the decades)Not-Americans are chauvinistic towards People in america, and certainly will clearly show its people of Not-Americans how stupid People in the us tend to be.backwards, Not-Americans will show their hypocrisy by attacking any American that bashes Not-America. They'll phone Us citizens patriotic whores, among other racial slurs. They after that conceal behind their particular wall of stereotyped purity.2. Blowing each one of Canada's successes off proportion.That includes: precisely what the British military did before Canada had been autonomous, every innovation made by somebody of some other nation residing in Canada at the time, and each star that was created in Canada, but resides in the us. (See Joshua Jackson.)Common subjects tend to be as follows:- "Canadians" (Brit) burned the White House down in 1812.- The fact that Canadian alcohol has an increased alcohol percentage than American.- The biggest freestanding structures.- Record for many gold medals at home.- Every online game that Canada created that The united states hijacked and made better.- Canada's the 2nd biggest landmass.In addition to those two, Canadian Patriotism suggests consciously believing in the diverse nation this is certainly Canada, and partaking when you look at the acutely satirical Canadian humour.