What does Canadian Parking Meter mean?

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(CPM) A sex postion calling for a prostitute, a roll of quarters, a pocket knife and a bottle of Canadian maple syrup. This really is an exceptionally tough maneuver. It takes many vigor and training. I have been in a position to make this happen feat just twice, and I have always been considered a Canadian Parking Meter guru. This maneuver is VERY dangerous. There are just two other recorded cases of this challenge ever-being completed. To start out your trip of completing the CPM you will need to engage in doggy style sex utilizing the prostitute. Keep going until you are planning to ejaculate and right as it begins to shoot-out flip around and squirt that whore when you look at the attention, but do not make use of all of your cum. Jump straight back around and cum in her asshole. Use the roll of quarters and put it in a fist, and punch that bitch in the back of the top knocking her away. Listed here is in which the container of maple syrup will come in. Use the limit off and shove it in her butt draining the container. Save the bottle however, you'll need it again later on. Use the pocket-knife and cut the bottom half the syrup bottle off generating a makeshift channel. Profoundly insert the funnel inside her butt then break the roll of quarters inside channel enabling her repayment is appropriate and efficient (The syrup guarantees the quarters stick to the inside of her rectum. You'll need to leave asap the result is an exceptionally happy client and a pissed off whore. But once she takes a shit she will understand quarters and stay like "Hey he performed pay myself in the end!"