What does Canadian Housewife mean?

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a-stay yourself mom who cannot cook, clean nor supervise the woman 5+ kids. Her spouse ultimately gives up-and walks, however without having to pay the woman son or daughter support. She makes brand new friends whom consequently make the most of her and her money. She and her girlfriends smoke cigarettes like a coal plant. She eats take-out or sales delivery. The whole home is a disgusting mess. There are smoking burns in the carpet, numerous many old food containers, old moldy dirty dishes piling in sink, spots regarding the wall surface while the scent of stale nicotine permeates air. The youngsters tend to be unwashed. Their clothes tend to be hand-me-downs of numerous out-dated styles. She's on anti-depressants and whole various other cocktail of meds. She writes many letters to Oprah asking for assistance and money, which all get unanswered.