What does Canadian mean?

Canadian meaning in General Dictionary

Of or with respect to Canada

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  • a native or inhabitant of Canada
  • of or associated with Canada or its individuals
  • a lake rising in northeastern brand new Mexico and flowing eastward over the Tx panhandle to be a tributary associated with Arkansas River in Oklahoma
  • Of or regarding Canada.
  • A native or inhabitant of Canada.

Canadian meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1560s; see Canada.

Canadian meaning in Sports Dictionary

a form of rudderless canoe. The paddler makes use of a single-blade paddle. (recreation: Canoeing)

Sentence Examples with the word Canadian

The Canadian Corps, were to be engaged, the main axis of the attack being the line of the Arras-Cambrai road; the two remaining corps were to stand fast, while making all endeavours to deceive the enemy and prevent him dispatching reinforcements to other threatened points.

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