What does Canada mean?

Canada meaning in General Dictionary

A country in North America bordering the United States regarding the north it's a federation which includes English-speaking provinces plus the French speaking Province of Quebec

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  • a nation in northern North America; the French had been 1st Europeans to settle in mainland Canada
  • A British province in united states, giving its title to different plants and pets.

Canada meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1560s (suggested in Canadian), reported to be a Latinized form of a word for "village" in an Iroquoian language of this St. Lawrence area that had gone extinct by 1600. Most still-spoken Iroquoian languages have actually a similar word (such as for instance Mohawk kana:ta "city"). Canada goose is attested from 1772.

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Sentence Examples with the word Canada

Dawson, Handbook of Canadian Geology (1889); George Johnson, Alphabet of First Things in Canada (3rd ed., 1898); A.

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