What does Campylobacter jejuni mean?

Campylobacter jejuni meaning in Medical Dictionary

A bacterium that usually infects the bowels. Today the key reason behind microbial food poisoning, Campylobacter jejuni is most often spread by connection with raw or undercooked poultry. An individual drop of juice from a contaminated chicken is sufficient to make some one sick. Symptoms have a tendency to start 2 to 5 times after publicity and usually final per week. They resemble the symptoms of viral gastroenteritis'diarrhea, temperature, stomach pain, cramping, sickness, and vomiting'but with campylobacter, temperature is typical while the diarrhoea is generally bloody. Antibiotics is a good idea treatment. People retrieve totally. However, some sustain lasting consequences, eg arthritis or Guillain-Barr' problem. Both are thought to happen when your immune protection system is activated by the Campylobacter jejuni and misdirected to attack the individuals very own body.