What does Camper mean?

Camper meaning in General Dictionary

a person who lodges briefly in a hut or camp specially which sleeps in a wilderness for relaxing

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  • a recreational vehicle prepared for backpacking whilst travelling
  • someone residing briefly in a tent or lodge for relaxation
  • person who lodges temporarily in a hut or camp.

Camper meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1630s, "soldier," agent noun from camp (v.). Meaning "attendee at a camp-meeting" is from 1806; indicating "one whom sleeps in temporary quarters outdoors" is from 1856; that "motor car with sleeping quarters" is from 1960. Prolonged use of delighted camper is from c.1987.

Camper meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

Computer video gaming term that defines an individual who continues to be in one position for the majority associated with online game, selecting down various other players as they come to all of them. This place gives that each an edge over other people and in some cases, helps safeguard a product or unbiased. As an example, when you look at the computer game Quake, a person may position himself or by herself on a platform aided by the railway firearm, permitting her or him to take other players without enabling them the capacity to react. Often a person which camps a lot of is checked down upon by the other people.

Camper - German to English


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  • camper (van)
  • camper van [Br.]

Camper - French to English

to camp

Sentence Examples with the word Camper

He did, however, find a sales ad for a truck camper that was sold about that time.

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