What does Campbell mean?

Campbell meaning in Names Dictionary

from breathtaking field.
Name Origin: French
Name Gender: Male

Campbell meaning in Etymology Dictionary

family members name, from Gaelic caimbeul "wry or crooked lips," from cam "crooked, deformed, one-eyed, cross-eyed." Additionally in surname Cameron, from Gaelic camshron "wry or hooked nostrils" (in the Highland clan; the Lowland name is for a locality in Fife). The Campbell Soup business ended up being started in 1869 by Joseph A. Campbell; Warhol began painting their particular cans in 1962.

Campbell meaning in General Dictionary

united states of america mythologist (1904-1987)

Sentence Examples with the word Campbell

In the park is the fine Colombo Museum, founded by Sir William Gregory l; and near the neighbouring Campbell Park are the handsome buildings of a number of institutions, such as Wesley College, and the General, Victoria Memorial Eye and other hospitals.

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