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The shittiest base to call home on. No commissary, the chow hall blows, the gymnasium is often too full. The PX is too damn tiny. Home towards the stupid butt 9th ESB. The chick to dick proportion in Camp Hansen is all about 1:100. The sole form of enjoyment is Kin Town, where you could possibly get fucked up, or simply get fucked. Many Marines elect to EAS after their first 4 many years after residing at this god forsaken camp. Anywhere in a social environment where in actuality the male to female ratio is worse than 50:1. Like sausage fest. The key distinction being that the one feminine, that's current, who is plainly a 3 regarding 10, thinks this woman is a 9, due to the fact 50 guys are striking on the, off absolute frustration, until they proceed to the following destination in which there are numerous good-looking women, when the 3 techniques back into that destination she now knows that she is a 3 and is unsightly as hell.