What does Camisole mean?

Camisole meaning in General Dictionary

a quick dressing jacket for females

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  • a brief sleeveless undergarment for ladies
  • a quick negligee
  • A short dressing jacket for women.
  • A kind of straitjacket.

Camisole meaning in Medical Dictionary

A straitjacket. The word camisole was lent from the French and identifies a woman's apparel, generally sleeveless. The definition of originated from the Latin camisia for linen top or nightgown.

Camisole meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1816, from French camisole (16c.), from Successful

Camisole - French to English


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  • camisole

Sentence Examples with the word Camisole

She wore the camisole that amplified her breasts, her curls captured at the nape of her neck.

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