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the fact you may be better than any body else (record) Cameronism began around 1991 A.D. It is base round the rejection of this opinions and philosophy of other individuals. In Cameronism, the Cameronists viewpoint is the absolute and maximum authority. Follows of Cameronism will also be coincidentally filthy rich. Rich children often convert to Cameronism when they understand the entire world will likely not shower them with material belongings as their parents did. It would seem that follows of Cameronism would not be worried about popularity, however their religion is a fall straight back for when their particular useless efforts to keep up aided by the group (for example. spiked locks, faded jeans, rap music) fail. They could additionally receive a guitar all over 13th year of life. The Cameronist doesn't necessarily need to know just how to play electric guitar, how to tell people that she or he does. Cameronists will simply play if you have someone to impress. If the individual is not impressed, their particular opinion no more matters. Thankfully, the lives of Cameronists are temporary. Around two decades old, Cameronists become extremists, trying to teleport through walls, travel and walk through intersections, thinking your forces of physics, gravity and speeding vehicles tend to be substandard and no longer connect with them. They're going to enter the ghetto thinking they've been black colored, shot, and after a long and painful recovery enter the white neighborhood, and shot for no apparent explanation. But mirrors would be the biggest killer of Cameronists. They'll visited believe their expression believes its better plus the Cameronist will seriously injure him or herself sissy slapping the cup. an unhealthy attraction to those who are unwell or broken-in some fashion. Is the character Dr. Allison Cameron from FOX's preferred tv sets home, M.D., where she shows affection for Dr. Gregory House because she thinks he could be bitter, unfortunate, and lonely.