What does Camera mean?

Camera meaning in General Dictionary

A chamber or instrument having a chamber Specifically The digital camera obscura whenever found in photography See Camera and Camera obscura

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  • television equipment composed of a lens system that concentrates a picture on a photosensitive mosaic that's scanned by an electron beam
  • gear when planning on taking photographs (usually comprising a lightproof box with a lens at one end and light-sensitive film within various other)
  • A chamber, or tool having a chamber. Especially: The camera obscura when utilized in photography. See Camera, and Digital Camera obscura.

Camera meaning in Law Dictionary

In old English law. A chamber, space, or apartment; a judge's chamber ; a treasury; a chest or coffer. In addition, a stipend payable from vassal to lord; an annuity.

Camera meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1708, "vaulted building," from Latin digital camera "vaulted area" (supply of Italian digital camera, Spanish camara, French chambre), from Greek kamara "vaulted chamber." The word additionally was utilized early 18c. as a brief form of contemporary Latin camera obscura "dark chamber" (a black box with a lens might project pictures of outside things), compared with digital camera lucida (Latin for "light chamber"), which utilizes prisms to make on paper under the tool a graphic, and that can be traced. It became the phrase for "picture-taking device" when modern-day photography began, c.1840 (extended to tv recording devices 1928). Camera-shy is attested from 1890. Old Church Slavonic komora, Lithuanian kamara, Old Irish camra all are borrowings from Latin.

Camera meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

equipment device accustomed just take photographs, consisting of a lightproof package with photosensitive movie or dish within the package. Whenever a photo is taken, the camera's shutter starts and closes, revealing the photosensitive movie with light tracking the picture on the film. These days, the traditional digital camera is being replaced by camera.

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Sentence Examples with the word Camera

His experiments with Sir Humphrey Davy in endeavouring to fix the images of natural objects as seen in the camera were published in 1802 (Journ.

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