What does Camelot mean?

Camelot meaning in General Dictionary

the legendary web site of King Arthurs court and castle

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  • See Camelet
  • (Arthurian legend) the administrative centre of King Arthur's kingdom; according to the legend, truth and goodness and beauty reigned indeed there
  • See Camelet.

Camelot meaning in Names Dictionary

Arthur's palace.
Name Origin: Arthurian Legend
Name Gender: Female

Camelot meaning in Etymology Dictionary

a name first found in medieval French romances; it corresponds to Latin Camuladonum, the Roman forerunner of Colchester, that was an impressive spoil in the centre Ages. But Malory identifies it with Winchester and Elizabethans had a tendency to see it as Cadbury Castle, an Iron Age hill-fort near Glastonbury.

Camelot - French to English

(street) peddler

Sentence Examples with the word Camelot

Clusters of sixties and seventies-style subdivisions had blossomed during the post-war era of rush to the 'burbs. These look-alikes that originally carried names like Camelot or South Pacific were at first scorned by Parkside's gentry but had slowly gained a level of respectability.

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