What does Camellia mean?

Camellia meaning in General Dictionary

An Asiatic genus of tiny shrubs often with shining leaves and showy flowers Camellia Japonica is much cultivated for ornament and Camellia Sassanqua and Camellia oleifera are grown in Asia the oil that will be pushed from their seeds The tea plant is now referred to this genus underneath the title of Camellia Thea

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  • some of several bushes or little evergreen trees having individual white or green or reddish flowers
  • An Asiatic genus of little shrubs, often with shining leaves and showy plants. Camellia Japonica is a lot cultivated for decoration, and C. Sassanqua and C. oleifera are cultivated in Asia for oil which can be pressed from their seeds. The tea plant has become referred to this genus in name of Camellia Thea.

Camellia meaning in Names Dictionary

Variant of this rose name Camelia.
Name Origin: English
Name Gender: Female

Camellia meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1753, called by Linn

Sentence Examples with the word Camellia

Spring is supposed to begin in February when, according to the old calendar, the new year sets in, but th only flowers then in bloom are the camellia japonsca and some kinds of daphne.

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