What does Calvinism mean?

Calvinism meaning in General Dictionary

The theological tenets or doctrines of John Calvin a French theologian and reformer of this sixteenth century and his followers or for the so called calvinistic churches

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  • the theological system of John Calvin and his supporters emphasizing omnipotence of God and salvation by grace alone
  • The theological principles or doctrines of John Calvin (a French theologian and reformer of sixteenth century) and his followers, or associated with alleged calvinistic churches.

Calvinism meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1560s, from John Calvin (1509-1564), Protestant reformer, + -ism. Alternate form Calvinian was in use in 1566. General relationship with stern moral codes and predestination is attested since at least 1853. Related: Calvinist.

Calvinism meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

a phrase since the existing of theological thought dating back to John Calvin (1509-1564) whose popular Institutes embodies its historical axioms. Generally speaking, Calvinistic thought is something which Jesus is made the center of all of that is and happens, Jesus's might pervading real human and cosmic occasions, and upon who man is utterly and happily reliant. -- V.F.

Sentence Examples with the word Calvinism

Some comments by Wesley upon Toplady's presentation of Calvinism led to a controversy which was carried on with much bitterness on both sides.

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