What does Calvary mean?

Calvary meaning in General Dictionary

The place where Christ had been crucified on a small slope away from Jerusalem

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  • a hill near Jerusalem where Jesus had been crucified
  • any experience that causes intense suffering
  • where Christ had been crucified, on a small mountain beyond Jerusalem.
  • A representation associated with the crucifixion, comprising three crosses because of the figures of Christ in addition to thieves, usually because large as life, and quite often surrounded by numbers of various other personages who had been present within crucifixion.
  • A cross, set upon three measures; -- much more properly known as mix calvary.

Calvary meaning in Names Dictionary

the spot of a skull. Non-gerderized Biblical title.
Name Origin: Biblical
Name Gender: Female

Calvary meaning in Etymology Dictionary

title associated with the mount associated with Crucifixion, late 14c., from Latin Calvaria (Greek Kraniou topos), translating Aramaic gulgulta "place for the head" (see Golgotha). Rendered virtually in Old English as Heafodpannan stow. Latin Calvaria relates to calvus "bald" (see Calvin).

Sentence Examples with the word Calvary

The Congregational, the Calvary Baptist, the Second Presbyterian, the Independence Avenue Christian, the Independence Avenue Methodist, and the Second Christian Science churches are the finest church buildings.

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