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A Calv is a German youtube-user who dislikes everything non-German, but particularly the British, French, Us americans, Turkish, Muslims and Jews. A Calv will think all kind of rubbish, including that Germany is the greatest country on earth, hence the German language is considered the most breathtaking language within the world.A Calv will claim he could be very wealthy and pretend he's had an incredible lifestyle, like satisfying the British Queen; the usa President and giving guidance towards the German Chancellor sooner or later or other also having a €65,000 vehicle and a car any other month.All in every, a Calv is the one sad, lonely, pathetic reason for a person being whom life inside the Hungarian mom's cellar that will be full of Swastika's and posters of Hitler. Calv is an East German that gets their butt banged on YouTube right through the day everyday, he's a deluded person with no pity in enabling possessed on YouTube, he's a copycat, a lier, in which he normally recognized to wish bang their gf up the ass while her father is dying.TeutonicRage and most various other Teutonic's are only the exact same. Lower-Rhine wannabe German A Calv is a well-respected person in the YouTube neighborhood whose elite education, large social standing and amazing appearances frequently intimidate less privileged neighborhood users - or persons in general - and provoke an adverse, in some cases exceptionally hateful reaction.A Calv is German, arrogant and masterful by nature, but constantly willing to negotiate between the parties to prevent a disagreement. Discover only one true Calv. Altogether, he is extremely tolerant and reasonable inside the attitudes. He could be simply adorable.Speaking of 'him', he is naturally a male, in the late twenties and desired by a vast set of stunning young women from all over the world, specifically through the South of Germany. He loves to take their German cars to your autobahn, because he likes it real quickly. He is an adventurer and then he is peanuts from the Indiana Jones flicks. Their special interest will be humiliate people he is through with. So when he humiliates, he also kills all of them in his own design. He just does that on the web as soon as really challenged. In real-world he is completely calm and a real chiller, gentleman and idol when it comes to substandard masses.A Calv always guidelines. doing one thing without feeling or device like