What does Calorie mean?

Calorie meaning in General Dictionary

the system of temperature in line with the French standard the total amount of heat necessary to improve the temperature of just one kg often one gram of liquid one degree centigrade or from 0deg to 1deg Compare the English standard unit Foot pound

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  • a unit of heat equal to the quantity of temperature needed to improve the heat of 1 kg of water by one degree at one atmosphere pressure; utilized by nutritionists to define the energy-producing potential in food
  • unit of heat thought as the quantity of temperature necessary to raise the temperature of just one gram of liquid by 1 level centigrade at atmospheric pressure
  • The unit of heat in accordance with the French standard; the amount of heat expected to enhance the heat of one kg (often, one gram) of water one degree centigrade, or from 0¡ to 1¡. Compare the English standard unit, foot-pound.

Calorie meaning in Medical Dictionary

A unit of food energy. The word calorie is normally utilized rather than the much more accurate, scientific term kilocalorie. A kilocalorie signifies the amount of energy required to enhance the temperature of a liter of water 1' centigrade at sea-level. Officially, a kilocalorie represents 1,000 real calories of power.

Calorie meaning in Law Dictionary

The energy had a need to improve the temperature of 1 kilogram of water through 1

Calorie meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1866, from French fat, from Latin calor (genitive caloris) "heat," from PIE *kle-os-, suffixed as a type of root *kele- (1) "warm" (cognates: Latin calidus "warm," calere "be hot;" Sanskrit carad- "harvest," virtually "hot time;" Lithuanian silti "become hot," silus "August;" Old Norse hl

Calorie meaning in Cooking Dictionary

A unit of temperature used to measure meals energy. Also written as kcalorie, kcal or Cal., it will be the quantity of heat expected to improve the temperature of just one kg of water 1 level Celsius. Calories are gotten from alcoholic beverages, carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Of four, fats and liquor have actually an increased caloric density than proteins and carbohydrates.

Calorie meaning in Business Dictionary

1. Amount of heat expected to raise the temperature of just one gram of liquid by 1°C. It equals 4.18 joules or about 0.004 Uk thermal products (Btu). Also called gram calorie or tiny calorie. 2. Unit of energy-producing potential of a meals (generally shown as calorie in the nutrition label associated with item) is truly a kilocalorie add up to 1,000 tiny calories quantity of heat necessary to enhance the heat of one kilogram of liquid by 1°C. It equals 4.18 kilojoules or just around 4 Uk thermal products (Btus). Also called meals fat, kilogram-calorie, big fat, or nourishment fat.

Calorie meaning in Chemistry Dictionary

the total amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one gram of water from 14.5°C to 15.5°C. 1 fat = 4.184 joules.

Sentence Examples with the word Calorie

The method requires very delicate weighing, as one calorie corresponds to less than two milligrammes of steam condensed; but the successful application of the method to the very difficult problem of measuring the specific heat of a gas at constant volume, shows that these and other difficulties have been very skilfully overcome.

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