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One from another state after that california and is jacking here swag and repping it various other states. Therefore starting a movement known as Cali Swag. This includes vans footwear (shade does not matter), some skate/surf brand name t-shirt (EX: hurley vans billabong volcom ect.), long container, tan dickies or volcom slack shorts, high white or black clothes. Commonly noticed in californians, Cali Swag is defined in health dictionary as " an uncommon and lethal disease that will change a normal person from Ca into a raging, self-obsessed psycho ." Those who have Cali Swag always boast, and "strut" like a drunk man.Cali Swag is incredibly dangerous and you ought to maybe not approach someone who features it. If however you are in contact with Cali Swag then it's encouraged to call 911 and get because far as you possibly can through the person who features Cali Swag.