What does Cali mean?

Cali meaning in General Dictionary

The tenth avatar or incarnation associated with god Vishnu

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  • city in southwestern Colombia in an abundant farming location
  • The tenth avatar or incarnation of this god Vishnu.

Cali meaning in Names Dictionary

Many breathtaking. Diminutive of Calista, Mythological Arcadian just who changed into a she-bear, then into the Great Bear constellation.
Name Origin: Greek
Name Gender: feminine

Sentence Examples with the word Cali

So difficult is the country through which the Cauca has cut its tortuous course that the fertile upper valley is completely isolated from the Caribbean, and has no other practicable outlet than the overland route from Cali to Buenaventura, on the Pacific. The upper sources of the Cauca flow through a highly volcanic region, and are so impregnated with sulphuric and other acids that fish cannot live in them.

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