What does Calendar Effect mean?

Calendar Effect meaning in Finance Dictionary

the idea that particular days of the few days, days of this thirty days, and months of the year will produce rises/falls in share rates than the others. 'market in-may and subside' is a good example. One currency markets commentator has reported that 6th Summer is the better trading day of the year, that 26th September could be the worst, prices most of the time fall during the last week of October, which the united kingdom stock market frequently rises in January in US presidential election years.

Calendar Effect meaning in Law Dictionary

Describes the inclination of stocks to execute differently at different occuring times. Like, some scientists have actually recorded that typically, returns are usually greater in January versus other months.

Calendar Effect meaning in Business Dictionary

improvement in a market because of some statistically considerable relationships between certain days of weekly (or particular months of a-year) as well as the cost of a commodity or security.