What does Caledonia mean?

Caledonia meaning in General Dictionary

The old Latin name of Scotland however utilized in poetry

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  • the geographic area (in Roman times) to your north of Antonine Wall; today a poetic title for Scotland
  • The old Latin title of Scotland; -- however used in poetry.

Caledonia meaning in Names Dictionary

From Scotland.
Name Origin: Latin
Name Gender: Female

Caledonia meaning in Etymology Dictionary

Roman name of section of north Britain, obtained from the name of previous inhabitants, which is of unidentified beginning, possibly Celtic; since 18c, applied poetically to Scotland or the Scottish Highlands. Associated: Caledonian.

Sentence Examples with the word Caledonia

SAINT JOHNSBURY, a township and the county-seat of Caledonia county, Vermont, U.S.A., on the Passumpsic river, about 34 m.

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