What does Calculus mean?

Calculus meaning in General Dictionary

Any solid concretion formed in just about any area of the human anatomy but the majority regular inside body organs that act as reservoirs as well as in the passages associated with them as biliary calculi urinary calculi etc

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  • an incrustation that forms on the teeth and gum tissue
  • a tough lump from the concretion of mineral salts; present in hollow organs or ducts of body
  • the branch of math which worried about restrictions along with the differentiation and integration of features
  • Any solid concretion, created in any an element of the body, but most frequent in the organs that work as reservoirs, plus in the passages associated with them; since, biliary calculi; urinary calculi, etc.
  • A method of calculation; any process of thinking by the use of signs; any part of mathematics which could include calculation.

Calculus meaning in Medical Dictionary

A stone, like in the endocrine system, or calcium salt deposits regarding the teeth. In Latin, your message calculus means 'a pebble.' Pebbles had been as soon as useful for counting, from which arrived the mathematical field of calculus.

Calculus meaning in Law Dictionary

The part of math that deals with the finding and properties of types and integrals of functions, by techniques originally on the basis of the summation of infinitesimal variations. The two main types are differential calculus and integral calculus.

Calculus meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1660s, from Latin calculus "reckoning, account," initially "pebble made use of as a reckoning countertop," diminutive of calx (genitive calcis) "limestone" (see chalk (letter.)). Contemporary mathematical sense is a shortening of differential calculus. In addition made use of from 1732 to suggest kidney stones, etc., after that generally for "concretion happening accidentally within the animal human body," such dental plaque. Related: Calculous (adj.).

Calculus meaning in Business Dictionary

1. A subset of general mathematics that builds off basic maxims to determine limits, derivatives, sequences, and series merely to name a couple of. 2. Calcified plaque that forms on or around a tooth from salt build up within salvia. If the plaque is certainly not removed with regular cleansing, the plaque may deteriorate the enamel on a tooth and result in the tooth to decay. Also called tartar. 3. Hardened stone present in the human body that will lead to kidney or gallbladder stones.

Calculus meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

title calculus could be put on any arranged way of solving issues or attracting inferences by manipulation of signs according to formal guidelines. Or a defined definition of a calculus might provided by pinpointing it with a logistic system, (q.v.) fulfilling the requirement of effectiveness. In mathematics, the phrase calculus has many certain applications, all complying more or less closely into the preceding declaration. Occasionally, but the straightforward phrase "the calculus" can be used in discussing those branches of mathematical analysis (q.v.) that are known much more explicitly since the differential calculus additionally the integral calculus. -- A.C.

Sentence Examples with the word Calculus

For instance, there are the symbols A, D, E used in the calculus of finite differences; Aronhold's symbolical method in the calculus of invariants; and the like.

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