What does Calcium channel blocker mean?

Calcium channel blocker meaning in Medical Dictionary

A drug that blocks the entry of calcium into the muscle cells of heart together with arteries. It will be the entry of calcium into these cells that causes one's heart to contract and arteries to slim. By blocking the entry of calcium, calcium channel blocker (CCBs) reduce the contraction associated with heart and dilate (widen) the arteries. By dilating the arteries, CCBs reduce the stress when you look at the arteries. This will make it much easier the heart to pump bloodstream, and, because of this, the center requires less air. By decreasing the heart's need for oxygen, CCBs prevent or alleviate angina. CCBs also are used for treating high blood pressure for their blood pressure-lowering results. CCBs additionally slow the price where the heart music and therefore are for that reason used for managing certain irregular heart rhythms eg atrial fibrillation.