What does Calcitonin mean?

Calcitonin meaning in Medical Dictionary

a hormones from the thyroid gland that lowers the levels of calcium and phosphate into the bloodstream and encourages the forming of bone tissue. Bone tissue is within a constant condition of renovating. Old bone tissue is taken away by cells called osteoclasts, and brand-new bone tissue is added by cells known as osteoblasts. Calcitonin inhibits bone reduction because of the osteoclasts at the same time frame encourages bone tissue development because of the osteoblasts. Calcitonin is offered in hypercalcemia (high bloodstream calcium) to reduce the calcium degree; in osteoporosis to increase bone density and reduce steadily the chance of a fracture; plus in Paget infection to reduce bone return and bone tissue discomfort. Also called thyrocalcitonin.

Calcitonin meaning in General Dictionary

thyroid hormone that tends to reduce the amount of calcium inside blood plasma and restrict resorption of bone tissue

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