What does Calcination mean?

Calcination meaning in General Dictionary

the conversion of metals within their oxides due to home heating to a top temperature

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  • The work or means of disintegrating a substance, or rendering it friable because of the action of temperature, esp. by the expulsion of some volatile matter, as whenever carbonic and acid is expelled from carbonate of calcium in burning of limestone so as to make lime.
  • The act or procedure for lowering a metal to an oxide or metallic calx; oxidation.

Calcination meaning in Symbols Dictionary

Calcination (generally known as calcining) is a thermal therapy process in lack of environment placed on ores and other solid materials to effect a result of a thermal decomposition, phase change, or removal of a volatile fraction. The calcination procedure usually takes location at conditions underneath the melting point associated with item materials. Calcination is not the exact same procedure as roasting. In roasting, more complex gas–solid reactions take place between the furnace environment plus the solids.

Sentence Examples with the word Calcination

He established as fundamental that combustion and calcination were attended by an increase of weight, and concluded, as did Jean Rey and John Mayow in the 17th century, that the increase was due to the combination of the metal with the air.

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