What does Calcaneal spur mean?

Calcaneal spur meaning in Medical Dictionary

A bony spur, also referred to as a heel spur, that projects from back or underside associated with heel bone (the calcaneus) hence may make walking painful. Calcaneal spurs tend to be related to swelling for the posterior muscle group (Achilles tendinitis), and cause pain and discomfort behind the heel, which will be worsened by pressing off the baseball for the foot. Spurs under the sole (the plantar area) are associated with inflammation associated with the plantar fascia, which is the bowstring-like muscle that extends through the heel under the sole. These spurs may cause localized pain and discomfort this is certainly worsened by stepping down on the heel. Calcaneal spurs and plantar fasciitis can happen alone, or they may be linked to main diseases that can cause joint disease, such reactive arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis. Treatment solutions are built to reduce the inflammation and give a wide berth to reinjury. Heel lifts decrease strain on the calf msucles and relieve painful spurs behind the heel. Donut-shaped footwear inserts simply take pressure off plantar spurs. Infrequently, surgery is performed on chronically inflamed spurs.