What does Calamine mean?

Calamine meaning in General Dictionary

A mineral the hydrous silicate of zinc

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  • a white mineral; a common ore of zinc
  • A mineral, the hydrous silicate of zinc.

Calamine meaning in Medical Dictionary

An astringent made from zinc carbonate or zinc oxide, customarily found in cream kind to treat epidermis problems or pest bites that can cause irritation or vexation.

Calamine meaning in Etymology Dictionary

zinc carbonate; zinc silicate, 1590s, from French calamine, from Old French calemine, chalemine (13c.), from Medieval Latin calamina, corrupted by alchemists from Latin cadmia "zinc ore," from Greek kadmeia (see cadmium). Or even the Medieval Latin word is from Latin calamus "reed," in mention of the the mineral's shape.

Sentence Examples with the word Calamine

Of less importance is the silicate, Zn 2 SiO 4 H 2 0, named electric calamine or hemimorphite; this occurs in quantity in Altenburg near Aix-laChapelle, Sardinia, Spain and the United States (New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Wisconsin).

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