What does Caius mean?

Caius meaning in Names Dictionary

a variation of Gaius; that is a far more common type of title in Britain. Famous bearer: Cambridge's Caius College is named after its creator, John Caius.
Name Origin: English
Name Gender: Male

Caius meaning in Etymology Dictionary

variation of Gaius, typical Roman praenomen. Both types possess abbreviation C., and also the confusion reflects early Roman anxiety concerning the using gamma (see C).

Sentence Examples with the word Caius

In the same year and from the same press was issued a Dialogus de Avibus by Gybertus Longolius, and in 1570 Caius brought out in London his treatise De rariorum animalium atque stirpium historic. In this last work, small though it be, ornithology has a good share; and all three may still be consulted with interest and advantage by its votaries.

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