What does Cairo mean?

Cairo meaning in General Dictionary

the administrative centre town of Egypt it will be the biggest city in Africa Population 2000 7010000

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  • a town in the south tip of Illinois in the confluence associated with the Ohio and Mississippi streams
  • the main city of Egypt while the biggest city in Africa; an important port in order to the south associated with the Nile delta; formerly the house of Pharaohs

Cairo meaning in Etymology Dictionary

town in Egypt, from Arabic al-Kahira "the strong," the name offered 973 C.E. towards brand-new city built north for the old one, Egyptian khere-ohe, believed to indicate "place of fight" also to be in mention of the a battle involving the gods Seth and Horus that happened here.

Sentence Examples with the word Cairo

The effectiveness of the new force was first tried in the suppression of a revolt of the Albanians in Cairo (1823) by six disciplined Sudanese regiments; after which Mehemet Ali was no more troubled with military emeutes.

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