What does Caffeine mean?

Caffeine meaning in Medical Dictionary

A stimulant substance discovered naturally in coffee, beverage, cocoa (chocolate), and kola peanuts (cola) and included with soft drinks, meals, and drugs. Caffeine causes anxiety, sleeplessness, nervousness, and hypertension. Caffeine is a diuretic and increases urination. It may reduce a person's power to lose some weight given that it stimulates insulin release, which lowers blood glucose, which increases appetite. Caffeine can help relieve headaches, so many over-the-counter and prescription pain relievers consist of it as a component, frequently with aspirin or any other analgesic.

Caffeine meaning in Etymology Dictionary

trimethyl-derivative of xanthine, 1830, from German Kaffein, coined by chemist F.F. Runge (1795-1867), obviously from German Kaffee "coffee" (see coffee) + substance suffix -ine (2) (German -in). The form of the English term might be via French caf

Caffeine meaning in Cooking Dictionary

a mild organic stimulant present in foods eg coffee, beverage and chocolate; will act as a stimulant on the neurological system, kidneys and heart, dilates the arteries and causes the production of insulin within the body.

Caffeine meaning in General Dictionary

a bitter alkaloid present coffee-and tea that's accountable for their stimulating effects

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  • A white, sour, crystallizable compound, acquired from coffee. It really is identical with all the alkaloid theine from tea-leaves, and with guaranine from guarana.

Sentence Examples with the word Caffeine

Dean spotted three of the old men gathered at their usual table for their morning repast of caffeine and cake and gossip.

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