What does CafePress cafepress mean?

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a business that advertises t-shirts with lame jokes on it on Urban Dictionary, just like SnorgTees and PalmerCash.the essential difference between those companies and CafePress usually CafePress advertisements do not have hot girls using their particular t-shirts.Much like SnorgTees a lot of the jokes on their shirts attempt to be 'nerdy' while still wanting to be easy to understand by typical men and women. Thus the shirts become also un-intelligent for nerds and too nerdy for all else. Word: cafepressPronunciation: ka-'fA'presFunction: verbEtymology: French café coffee, café, from Turkish kahve; center English presse, from Anglo-French, from presser to press1. To take a concept or bit of artwork, wear it a T-shirt and other product, and also it online for sale for yourself in addition to average man or woman. Associated tasks: t-shirt blogging and bumper sticker activism