What does Cafe au lait spot mean?

Cafe au lait spot meaning in Medical Dictionary

an appartment spot-on your skin that's the color of coffee with milk (café au lait) in persons with light epidermis, or a darker appearance (café noir) than the surrounding epidermis in persons with dark skin. About 10% of this basic populace have cafe au lait places. Café au lait spots come in by themselves benign, but in some cases they may be a sign of neurofibromatosis. The existence of 6 or more café au lait places every one of which will be 1.5 centimeters or maybe more in diameter is diagnostic of neurofibromatosis. Conversely, many people with neurofibromatosis who will be at the least five years old have actually 6 or even more cafe au lait places 1.5 centimeters or higher in diameter.