What does Caesura mean?

Caesura meaning in General Dictionary

A metrical break-in a verse happening in a base and generally close to the center for the verse an expression pause in the center of a base Also a lengthy syllable by which the caeligsural accent rests or used as a foot

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  • a rest or pause (usually for sense) in the exact middle of a verse range
  • a pause or interruption (like in a discussion)
  • A metrical break-in a verse, occurring in the middle of a base and commonly near the center of the verse; a sense pause when you look at the center of a foot. Additionally, a lengthy syllable upon which the caesural accent rests, or used as a foot.

Caesura meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1550s, from Latin caesura, "metrical pause," literally "a cutting," from past participle stem of caedere "to cut down" (see -cide).

Caesura meaning in Symbols Dictionary

Indicates a brief, quiet pause, where time is not counted. In ensemble playing, time resumes when conductor or leader shows.

Sentence Examples with the word Caesura

This tendency shows itself most in the third foot, the favourite caesura being the trochaic, i.e.

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