What does Caesarean section mean?

Caesarean section meaning in General Dictionary

the operation of taking a child through the womb by cutting right through the wall space of this abdomen and womb so called because Julius Caeligsar is reported having been brought to the world by these types of a surgical procedure called in addition caesarean

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  • the delivery of a fetus by medical incision through stomach wall surface and uterus (from the belief that Julius Caesar was born like that)

Caesarean section meaning in Urban Dictionary

A ritualistic birthing technique practised practically universally among people in western hemisphere & most of Europe. Also referred to as a "c-section".In a Caesarean area, the fetus is extracted through a large straight incision frequently going through the naval on pubis mons. This process of birthing does not bring about the usual birth-related stretching for the vagina, thus keeping exactly what many hold becoming a sacred orifice.