What does Caecum mean?

Caecum meaning in General Dictionary

a cavity available at one end once the blind end of a canal or duct

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  • the hole when the big bowel begins and into that the ileum opens up
  • A cavity open at one end, due to the fact blind end of a canal or duct.
  • The blind an element of the large bowel beyond the entrance associated with small bowel; -- called also the blind instinct.

Caecum meaning in Medical Dictionary

The caecum (also spelled cecum), the first portion of the big bowel, located in the reduced right quadrant associated with the abdomen.

Caecum meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1721, from Latin intestinum caecum "blind instinct," from neuter of caecus "blind, concealed," from Proto-Italic *kaiko-, from PIE *kehi-ko- "one-eyed," cognate with Old Irish ca'ech "one-eyed," coeg "empty," Welsh coeg-dall, Old Cornish cuic "one-eyed;" Gothic haihs "one-eyed, blind." So named to be prolonged into a cul-de-sac.

Sentence Examples with the word Caecum

In some of the v, Caecum of stomach.

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