What does Cadmium mean?

Cadmium meaning in General Dictionary

A comparatively rare element pertaining to zinc and happening in certain zinc ores It is a white metal both ductile and malleable image Cd Atomic weight 1118 It was found by Stromeyer in 1817 which called it from its association with zinc or zinc ore

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  • a soft bluish-white ductile malleable harmful bivalent metallic element; does occur in association with zinc ores
  • A comparatively rare factor linked to zinc, and happening in some zinc ores. Its a white material, both ductile and malleable. Symbolization Cd. Atomic body weight 111.8. It had been found by Stromeyer in 1817, who known as it from its organization with zinc or zinc ore.

Cadmium meaning in Medical Dictionary

A metallic element whose salts are harmful and cause cancer.

Cadmium meaning in Etymology Dictionary

bluish-white metal, 1822, found 1817 by German scientist Friedrich Strohmeyer, coined in Modern Latin from cadmia, a word utilized by ancient naturalists for various earths and oxides (especially zinc carbonate), from Greek kadmeia (ge) "Cadmean (planet)," from Kadmos "Cadmus," famous president of Boeotian Thebes. So-called considering that the planet was found in the area of Thebes (Kadmeioi ended up being an alternate name for "Thebans" considering that the time of Homer).

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Sentence Examples with the word Cadmium

Chem., 1891, I, p. 364), by the electrolytic reduction of cadmium oxide in potassium cyanide solution, obtained as a mean value 112.055.

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