What does Caddy mean?

Caddy meaning in General Dictionary

a tiny box can or chest maintain beverage in also called beverage caddy

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  • work as a caddie and carry clubs for a person
  • a might for saving beverage
  • a tiny box, can, or chest maintain tea in.

Caddy meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"little box for beverage," 1792, from Malay kati a weight equivalent to about a pound and a third (in English from 1590s as catty), used as a typical mid-18c. by British companies into the East Indies. Apparently the word for a measure of tea ended up being utilized in the chest it was carried in.

Caddy meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

A container that keeps one thing. For instance, the image off to the right, is of a CD-ROM caddy, a container combined with early Apple computer CD-ROM drives that would hold and protect the disc. This caddy is inserted into the drive aided by the CD in the place of placing the CD on a tray or feeding it into a disc slot like most disk drives these days. These days, the CD-ROM caddy is hardly ever used or discovered with computer systems.

Sentence Examples with the word Caddy

We had these two big-ass suitcases in the trunk of the Caddy and we was to go down this highway 'til someone phoned us and told us what to do.

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