What does Cadaver mean?

Cadaver meaning in General Dictionary

A dead body a corpse

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  • the dead human anatomy of a human being
  • a-dead human anatomy; a corpse.

Cadaver meaning in Medical Dictionary

A dead human body that could be utilized by doctors also experts to analyze physiology, determine condition websites, determine causes of demise, and offer tissue to correct a defect in a full time income human being. Pupils in medical schools study and dissect cadavers included in their particular training.

Cadaver meaning in Law Dictionary

lifeless human anatomy; a corpse. Cadaver nulling in bonis, no-one can have a right of residential property in a corpse. 3 Co. Inst. 110, 2 Bl. Comm. 429; Griffith v. Railroad Co., 23 S. C. 32, 55 Am. Rep. 1.

Cadaver meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1500, from Latin cadaver "dead human anatomy (of men or animals)," most likely from a perfective participle of cadere "to fall, sink, relax, decline, perish" (see situation (n.1)). Compare Greek ptoma "dead human anatomy," actually "a fall" (see ptomaine); poetic English the fallen "people who died in struggle."

Cadaver - Spanish to English

(dead) human anatomy

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  • cadaver
  • corpse