What does Cachexia mean?

Cachexia meaning in General Dictionary

A condition of ill-health and impairment of nutrition considering impoverishment of blood esp whenever due to a specific morbid process as cancer tumors or tubercle

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  • any basic decrease in vigor and energy of body and mind caused by a debilitating chronic illness
  • Alt. of Cachexy

Cachexia meaning in Medical Dictionary

General actual wasting with loss of body weight and lean muscle mass because an ailment. Also known as marasmus.

Cachexia meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"bad basic condition of health," 1540s, from Latinized type of Greek kakhexia "bad practices," from kakos "bad" (see caco-) + -exia, associated with exis "habit or condition," from exein "to have, be in an ailment," from PIE root *segh- "to hold, hold in a single's energy, to possess" (see plan (n.)). Associated: cachexic.

Sentence Examples with the word Cachexia

The malarial cachexia that follows definite attacks of ague consists in a state of ill-defined suffering, associated with a sallow skin, enlarged spleen and liver, and sometimes.

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