What does Cachectic mean?

Cachectic meaning in General Dictionary

Having or regarding cachexia as cachectic solutions cachectical blood

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  • regarding or having the the signs of cachexia
  • Alt. of Cachectical

Cachectic meaning in Medical Dictionary

Having cachexia, real wasting with losing weight and muscle mass because of disease. Patients with higher level disease, HELPS, serious heart failure plus some various other major persistent progressive diseases may appear cachectic.

Cachectic meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1630s, from Latinized as a type of Greek kakhektikos "in a bad habit of human anatomy" (see cachexia).

Sentence Examples with the word Cachectic

The parasites, which cling to the intestinal mucous membrane, draw their nourishment from the blood-vessels of their host, and as they are found in hundreds in the body after death, the disorders of digestion, the increasing anaemia and the consequent dropsies and other cachectic symptoms are easily explained.

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