What does Caca mean?

Caca meaning in Names Dictionary

Daughter of Vukan.
Name Origin: Latin
Name Gender: Female

Caca meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"excrement," a nursery word but an extremely old one (PIE *kakka-), developing the base term for "excrement, to void excrement" in many Indo-European languages, like Greek kakke "human excrement," Latin cacare, Irish caccaim, Serbo-Croatian kakati, Armenian k'akor; Old English cac-hus "latrine."u000du000au000du000aEtymologists dispute if the modern-day Germanic terms (Dutch kakken, Danish kakke, German kacken), tend to be local cognates or pupil slang lent from Latin cacare. The word inside kind seems in English slang c.1870, and could have now been taken from any or several of the languages which used it (Spanish, Modern Greek).

Caca - French to English

poo [Br.] [coll.]