What does Cable modem mean?

Cable modem meaning in Law Dictionary

form of modem that connects a pc or neighborhood system to broadband Internet service through the same cable that supplies cable television solution or perhaps the service link made via a cable modem.

Cable modem meaning in Business Dictionary

high-speed (2 megabits per second or higher) modem combined with a pc to access net over cable-TV outlines in place of phone lines. Cable modems supply permanent (no dial-up) connection on accommodations basis but, because they convert the cable TV system into a big neighborhood system (LAN), every user has got to share the available bandwidth along with other users information transfer rate falls because the wide range of users expands. Since every person on a LAN can 'see' everyone's hard disk drive, every user of cable modem has got to disallow 'sharing' on their computer.

Cable modem meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

A cable modem is a hardware products that allow your personal computer to communicate with an Internet Service Provider over a cable connection and converts the analog signal to a digital signal for the true purpose of giving a broadband net connection. A cable modem functions connecting a coaxial cable when it comes to Internet Service Provider to your back of this cable modem and a Cat5 (Ethernet) cord from modem to some type of computer or a network router if you wish to share your web connection between numerous computers.