What does Cab mean?

Cab meaning in General Dictionary

A Hebrew dried out measure containing some over two 237 pints

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  • A kind of close carriage with two or four rims typically a public automobile
  • ride in a taxicab
  • a compartment at the front end of a motor vehicle or locomotive where motorist sits
  • tiny two-wheeled horse-drawn carriage; with two seats and a folding bonnet
  • a vehicle driven by a person whose work should simply take passengers where they would like to go in change for money
  • a type of close carriage with two or four wheels, generally a public vehicle.
  • The covered part of a locomotive, when the engineer has their station.
  • A Hebrew dried out measure, containing just a little over two (2.37) pints.

Cab meaning in Dream Dictionary

once we dream that individuals have been in a cab, donates that somebody in your walking life is using you. If you hail a cab it means that you'll require others that will help you inside endeavors.

Cab meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1826, "light, horse-drawn carriage," shortening of cabriolet (1763), from French cabriolet (18c.), diminutive of cabrioler "leap, caper" (16c./17c.), from Italian capriolare "leap in the air," from capriola, correctly "the step of a young child," from Latin capreolus "wild goat, roebuck," from PIE *kap-ro- "he-goat, buck" (cognates: Old Irish gabor, Welsh gafr, Old English h

Cab meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

Quick for cabinet, a cab file identifies a Microsoft windows compressed closet file. These data contain every one of the files and motorists that help compensate house windows and enable devices to work with Windows. Anytime installing a new hardware device, if you fail to use the manufacturer CD Microsoft windows relies on the cupboards a potential supply for a place of drivers.

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Sentence Examples with the word Cab

The cab dropped her off, and she went to the side entrance to buzz in as Wynn directed in his text.

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