What does CULPA mean?

CULPA meaning in General Dictionary

Negligence or fault as distinguishable from dolus deceit fraud which indicates intent culpa being imputable to defect of intellect dolus to defect of heart

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  • Negligence or fault, as distinguishable from dolus (deceit,u000du000a fraud), which indicates intention, culpa being imputable to defect ofu000du000a intellect, dolus to defect of heart.

CULPA meaning in Law Dictionary

Lat A term associated with civil-law, indicating fault, neglect, or neglect. You can find three levels of culpa,

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Sentence Examples with the word CULPA

As early as 1867 he wrote La Hija natural, which was rejected, and remained unknown till 1877, when it appeared with the title of Para tal culpa tal Pena.

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