What does COUNTENANCE mean?

COUNTENANCE meaning in General Dictionary

To encourage to favor to approve to assist to abet

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  • Appearance or appearance of face look aspect mien
  • formal and explicit endorsement
  • consent to, give permission
  • the person face (`kisser' and `smiler' and `mug' are informal terms for `face' and `phiz' is British)
  • the appearance communicated by a person's face
  • To motivate; to prefer; to approve; to assist; to abet.
  • which will make a show of; to imagine.

COUNTENANCE meaning in Law Dictionary

In old English legislation. Credit; estimation. Wharton. In addition, encouragement: aiding and abetting. Cooper v. Johnson, 81 Mo. 487

COUNTENANCE meaning in Etymology Dictionary

late 15c., "to respond or work," from countenance (n.). Sense of "to prefer, patronize" is from 1560s, from idea of "to check upon with sanction or smiles." Relevant: Countenanced; countenancing.

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  • mid-13c., from Old French contenance "demeanor, bearing, conduct," from Latin continentia "restraint, abstemiousness, moderation," virtually "way one includes yourself," from continentem, current participle of continere (see have). Indicating evolving Middle English from "appearance" to "facial phrase betraying circumstances of mind," to "face" it self (late 14c.).

Sentence Examples with the word COUNTENANCE

In order not to countenance by his presence an act which had been the pretext for hie opposition, Cond rebelled once more in August 1615; but he was again pacified by the governorships and pensions of the peace of Loudun (May 1616).

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