What does COPYHOLD mean?

COPYHOLD meaning in General Dictionary

A tenure of estate by content of courtroom roll or a tenure for which the tenant features absolutely nothing to show except the moves produced by the steward of this lords courtroom

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  • a medieval kind of land tenure in England; a copyhold was a parcel of land awarded to a peasant because of the lord of manor in substitution for agricultural solutions
  • A tenure of property by backup of court roll; or a tenure for that your tenant features nothing to show, except the moves created by the steward associated with the lord's judge.
  • Land held in copyhold.

COPYHOLD meaning in Law Dictionary

types of property at might, or customary property in England, the actual only real visible title that is made of the copies of the court moves, that are made out-by the steward associated with manor, on a tenant's becoming admitted to any parcel of land, or tenement from the manor. It's an estate at might of this lord, yet such a will as Is agreeable to the custom regarding the manor, which traditions tend to be maintained and evidenced by the moves of this several courts baron, where they've been entered. 2 Bl. Comm. 95. In a larger feeling, copyhold Is thought to import every customary tenure, (this is certainly, every tenure pending in the specific custom of a manor.) rather than no-cost socage, or freehold, which may now (since the abolition of knight-service) be looked at since the general or common-law tenure associated with the country. 1 Steph. Comm. 210.

Sentence Examples with the word COPYHOLD

Thus his name is associated with the Fines and Recoveries Abolition Act 1833; the Inheritance Act 1833; the Dower Act 1833; the Real Property Limitation Act 1833; the Wills Act 1837; one of the Copyhold Tenure Acts 1841; and the Judgments Act 1838.

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